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Note: Windy City Yacht Brokerage is not engaged in the business of arranging or otherwise providing Boat Captains. The information on this page is provided as a public service only. Please contact the Captain of your choice directly.

Chicago Boat Captains ♦ Credentials ♦ Contact Information

Capt. David Coxhead » Click here to learn more about Capt. Coxhead
Master 100-Ton
1-773-981-2724 (cell) »

Capt. Mike Fiedler
Master 1600 tons ocean Master of towing
1-847-638-3426 (Cell) »

Capt. Craig Frerichs
Capt. Craig Frerichs
Master 100 tons Master Near Coastal
18 years experience
1-217-202-3565 »

Capt. Danielle Harangody »Click here to learn more about Capt. Harangody
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
USCG 200 GRT/500 GT Master Near Coastal
Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement

Tel. 1-561-601-6870 »

Capt. Jim Harangody »Click here to learn more about Capt. Harangody
Master 150 Gross Ton
Tel. 1-561-329-5404 »

Capt. John Lenhard
Capt. Lenhard Master 50-Ton Power & Towing USCG AUX
1-847-867-3837 »

Capt. Jim MescallClick here to learn more about Capt. Mescall »
Master 50 GT Inland License
Mobile: 1-312-593-5655 »

Captain Harold G. Moyer III »Click here to learn more about Capt. Moyer
USCG Licensed 500 GRT/3000 GT Master upon Oceans.
Tel. 1-401-835-7434 »

Capt. Lou Muno »Click here to learn more about Capt. Muno
U.S.C.G. Licensed Captain
1600 Ton Oceans Master
Master Aux Sail 100 T
Unlimited 2nd Mate
Master of Towing - 3000 T

1-847-902-9426 »

Capt. Joe O'Connor
1-708-366-5532 (home)

Capt. Mike O'Connor »Click here to learn more about Capt. O'Connor
Master 100 Ton
Current STCW Certified
Open Water Diver Certified
1-954-591-2206 »

Capt. Bill O’Malley
Master 100-Ton Power,
Sail and Towing

Chicago Architectural and
History Narration
1-708-284-4585 »

Captain Sean Morrey
Captain Sean Morrey OUPV licensed Captain
1-219-730-9414 (Phone) »

Capt. Vernon Patrick
Master 50-Ton
1-773-791-7311 (cell) »

Capt. Chuck Rocek
Power, Sail, and Master 100 ton

Capt. Bill Russell
Master 200 GT Near Coastal
1-773-454-9004 (cell) »

Capt. John Russell »
Master 100 Ton
with Sail & Tow endorsement

Tel. 1-847-731-1400»

Capt. Roger Sardina »Click here to learn more about Capt. Sardina
Master 200-Ton
1-847-363-1263 (Cell) »

Capt. Olaf Schneider
Master 50-Ton Sail,
Power and Towing

1-847-358-7669 (home)
1-847-710-7245 (cell) »

Capt. Tony Salazar
1-312-925-3295 »

Captain Cynthia Sopata »Click here to learn more about Capt. Sopata
Master 100-Ton Power and Sail
Great Lakes/ Inland Rivers, sailing & towing endorsements
1-704-516-6740 (cell) »

Captain Mark Pierre Stevenson »Click here to learn more about Capt. Stevenson
Master 100 Ton
1-312-437-2230 »

Capt Loren ThompsonClick here to learn more about Capt. Stevenson
Master 100 Ton
Power and sailboat chartering and deliveries.
1-708 307 7181 »

Capt Moni Tishel Capt. Tishel
Master 100 Ton
Any boat to 100 feet.
1-847-264-0480 »

Note: The Chicago Captains listings are provided as a public service to the boating public. The listings do not constitute an approval or certification of any kind by Windy City Yacht Brokerage.
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